Rock retreat is only a short 10 minute drive to the Waitomo Caves Village and Marokopa beach is only 30mins away.

In the area we have Caving, Black Water Rafting, Abseiling/Rapelling, Climbing, Bouldering, Surfing, Paddle boarding, Mountain biking, Fishing, Kayaking and Walking tracks.

We are more than happy to make any bookings for you that you would like to do during your stay. Between Rich and Biddy they have a number of years experience in the Tourism industry in New Zealand, whether it be Adventure caving, family caving trips in Waitomo,mountain biking, White water kayaking, Rock climbing or sea kayaking.


Caving, Black Water Rafting and Abseiling can all be experienced in Waitomo with the various outdoor companies listed below. Click on their name to be taken to their website. 

The Legendary Black Water Rafting Company 


Waitomo Adventures 


Glowing Adventures 


Climbing can be done at        


Mangaokewa reserve, Te Kuiti.

Mangaotaki, Piopio.

Glowing Adventures



Just one kilometre away on our farm is The Strip bouldering field.  Used annually every February for the New Zealand National bouldering series. If you have your bouldering shoes and mat you will have a blast. 

Permission is required from Ben Stubbs 0064 7 8787426.

A Donation is required.


Take a Walk.        

The Ruakuri Walkway is rated one of New Zealands best short walks. 45mins.

Marokopa Falls walkway is one of New Zealands most picturesque and photographed waterfalls. 30mins.

 Mangapohue natural bridge is a beautiful natural arch that once was a cave. This river begins its journey on the Stubbs farm, Mangapohue cave, then meanders its way out to the sea. 30 mins.


Pa’s dream track (or the love track our children have renamed!)

  This track takes you through the Awatiro, Queen Elizabeth Trust Covenant. Which is a 800 acre reserve full of beautiful native forest. This is on the Stubbs farm property and permission is required. 1 hour to Tui glen, 2hours return from Rock Retreat. 

 A great picnic spot. Another great option is to walk Pa’s dream track one way walking through the farm ending at Te Tiro Bed and Breakfast for the night. At a leisurely pace this will take 2.5hrs,have a picnic along the way and we can shuttle your vehicles for you.


Go Surfing       

 Marokopa beach and Kiritihere beach. If you have your own boards don’t miss our wild west coast surf. Paddle boards can be hired from Marokopa store.


Catch some Fish 

Head to Marokopa beach. Bring your surf caster or visit Kings sportsworld in Otorohanga to buy one! The Kahawai run regularly and put up a great fight.



Kayak the early morning surf at Marokopa or Kiritihere beach.

      Mokau River grade 3-4

      Mangaotaki grade 2

      Tawarau river grade 3-4

Come and ask Rich as he is a keen paddler.


 Mountain Biking

If you are keen bikers and have your bikes there are some great tracks. Most are on private land. If you are just keen for an easy bike. Ride up our road, the Hauturu, for plenty of breathtaking views. 

 The Timber Trail is an amazing track in the Pureora forest park, one hours drive from Waitomo. This is a grade two track that starts from Pureora headquarters, you bike through stunning podacarp forest, cross high suspension swing bridges. One which is 90 metres long and 90 metres high above the river! Then you wind your way down and finish the track at Ongarue. This is generally a two day trip, camping at Piropiro flats or staying at Black Fern lodge. Day trips can also be done.


Ask Rich he is always keen for a bike ride or to give you some information.


Visit the Discovery Centre in Waitomo, meet the life sized Moa, try out the cave squeeze! Learn about indigenous and European history. Ask about the Summer nature programme and join one of the many family friendly day trips on offer, annually mid January. If you are interested in learning more about how caves are formed and our interesting underworld landscape enquire about the Education service/lessons.


As you can see Waitomo is an action packed place to come and visit. If you can squeeze in an extra night to your itinerary you won’t be disappointed. We highly recommend that you stay more than one night so you can experience an underground trip one day and explore our beautiful landscape on the surface as well.