Trained in Textile Design and Silversmithing, at Otago School of Art. Biddy has furthered her interest in Visual Arts, by capturing moments inspired by her overseas travels and her direct surroundings in her home town Waitomo, King country, New Zealand.

Biddy works with a variety of acrylic, gouache, pastel and mixed media on canvas, paper and silk.

Her jewellery mixes copper, silver and paua and has a distinct pacific flavour.

If you are interested in visiting more art. The Stubbs art trail is well worth it. Visit Ann Stubbs’ studio of local landscape watercolours and Ben and Bex Stubbs’ wood sculpture, ceramics, limestone pendants & paintings.

When you arrive at Rock Retreat Biddy can organise this for you.

For more artworks by Biddy visit our Facebook page.

Check out Biddy’s Paintings Below


Check out Biddy’s Jewellery below